The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Help your home sell successfully

What is the best time to sell my home?

The answer to this question is…anytime! No matter what the season is, you want to make sure to showcase your home's best features. Don’t forget, a buyer will live in the house all year, so making it appealing no matter what the season, is a real advantage.

How do I make sure my house is appealing no matter the season?

When looking at your property, look at it as if you were a potential buyer. If you are selling in the winter, showcase the beauty of the snow-covered trees or how to decorate the home for Christmas. In the spring, make sure to have the home landscaped and gardens started. In the autumn, keep the yard clean of leaves and ready for the winter. Play to the strengths of the house and highlight the beauty of all four Western Wisconsin seasons!

Winter in Wisconsin is a good part of the year, can I only sell in the summer?

Winter is a large chunk of the year in Wisconsin and people do view houses in the winter. Again, it is important to make sure your home is appealing and comfortable based on the season that you are currently in. Make the weather and climate work for you! Although summer can be a busy season for real estate, many people are busy with vacations and enjoying the weather. Not being limited by a season will only work to your advantage.

I am looking to sell my cabin/recreational land in Western Wisconsin. What time of the year is best?

Anytime! Summer is the perfect time to show the natural beauty of Western Wisconsin. Warm weather and beautiful scenery can paint the perfect picture of relaxation and fun for the potential buyer. But did you know that one of the most popular times of the year for buying cabins and recreational real estate is in February and March? Buyers want to make sure the cabin is ready and waiting for them when the beautiful Wisconsin summer comes! It is never too early in the year to list your property!